Visualize and analyze customer choice

Vennli makes it easy to understand how customers choose between competitors so you can take targeted actions.

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We specialize in understanding how customers make choices in a competitive context. For example:

  • Attitudes &
    Usage Studies
  • Brand Equity
  • Marketing Campaign
    & Messaging
  • Competitive
    Position Tracking
  • Product Development
    & Innovation
  • Talent
  • Everything

Attitudes & Usage Studies

Attitudes Usage Studies

With Vennli, you can intuitively visualize how customers choose between brands and view customer segments side-by-side to identify how usage and awareness impacts attitudes. Conduct A & U research continuously throughout the year and obtain actionable insights.

Analytics show how to position your brand and products effectively against your competition while also revealing opportunities for product development, sales approach, and marketing strategy. Accelerate your speed to insights by getting results quicker and interpreting them faster so that you can take action to grow your brand.

Brand Equity Tracking

Brand Equity Tracking

Vennli measures the health and power of your brand by visualizing how effectively you provide the attributes most important to customer choice compared to your competition. See how well your brand is resonating with key customer segments and pinpoint actions to build competitive advantage.

Ongoing measurement allows you to track the impact of your advertising and other initiatives on your brand equity. Be the first to know about trends in your market – before your competition!

Marketing Campaign & Messaging

Marketing Campaign & Messaging

To get the “right message at the right time to the right customer,” you need to know how different types of customers make choices differently. Maximize your investment in marketing automation and sales enablement technology by creating targeted messaging focused on what drives segments of customers to choose you.

Vennli visualizes what’s most important to your customers and how to effectively position your offering compared to the competition. View customer segments side-by-side in order to easily identify important differences that will inform your marketing strategy.

Competitive Position Tracking

Competitive Position Tracking

In today’s fast moving market, competitive intelligence is power, and what you don’t know can hurt you. Up-to-date information about how your brand is positioned against your competition can determine whether you get ahead, keep pace, or are left behind.

Vennli allows you to track customer perceptions and market changes continuously so that you have an early warning system for disruptive changes in your competitive landscape. Visualize what your competitor’s next move should be so that you can neutralize it proactively. Build and defend your competitive advantage while determining how customer needs are changing.

Product Development & Innovation

Product Development & Innovation

Market leaders identify and capitalize on opportunities in the market before their competition. This requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs and the competitive landscape.

Vennli helps you identify unmet customer needs, understand how customers choose between existing offerings, and/or test a concept for a new offering. Insights quickly lead to an appropriately prioritized product roadmap and a well-informed go-to-market strategy. Support your agile product development with agile market monitoring to ensure you’re developing exactly what customers need.

Talent Retention

Talent Retention

As organizations battle for talent, your top performers always have other options. Losing your best people not only hurts productivity and your brand, it can also help your competitors. The companies that provide exactly what matters most to their employees will win. To do this, you need a new type of competitive intelligence.

Vennli helps you visualize how you compare to your employees’ next best option so that you can take proactive actions to increase retention. The insights will lead to a targeted retention strategy that is easy to communicate across the organization and monitor impact over time.

Everything Else

Everything Else

Vennli has been used successfully across a diversity of industries to analyze and visualize choice in order to grow. Other examples include:

  • Addressing sales and hiring challenges faced by automotive dealerships and manufacturers
  • Developing targeted marketing and sales strategies for technology, dental, and medical device companies
  • Increasing enrollment in higher education
  • Improving community image and physician alignment for healthcare providers


Win the customer choice

With the vLens, visualize what customers want, who is delivering, and unmet needs.
Each colored zone has implications for actions to win the customers’ choice.




How it works

Customer Choice Research

Our survey platform researches what is most important to your customers and how you compare to competitors.

Visualization and Analytics

Segmentation analytics and intuitive visualization tools dig into the nuances of customer choice to reveal opportunities.


Quickly interpret and communicate the results in order to align decisions with customer needs across the organization.


Continuous measurement tracks your impact on customer perceptions and changes in your market over time.


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