Use the voice of the marketplace to drive your business

Take actions aligned with marketplace needs. Vennli is a technology-based service solution designed to better inform the decisions your organization makes on a daily basis. Our team works with you to deliver differentiated and relevant marketing messaging, product pipelines and sales effectiveness solutions. We are a subscription model and typically work as an embedded tool within your organization’s existing workflows and toolkits.


Our Solutions

Vennli provides industry-specific solutions for:

By using reliable voice of the marketplace data, you can understand strengths and challenges for your business and identify opportunities to grow your competitive advantage.


The Vennli survey platform first asks respondents the importance of different choice factors, regardless of any brand associations.




Our customer success team know how your business works. Tap into our expertise to get your job done.


Our platform uses advanced data visualization to easily communicate the voice of the marketplace. It’s an always-on solution that you can access or we can provide you the results in a digestible report format.


You get actionable insights you can immediately put into action. Look at the data by segments, across time periods and versus your competitors.


Our goal is simple – to drive measurable outcomes for your business.


Act quickly to capitalize on opportunities before your competition does

You’ll know exactly how to neutralize your competitor’s advantages while differentiating yourself in the eyes of the marketplace.