You Still Have Time! 8 New Releases to Read This Summer

It could be because of our academic roots. Or maybe it’s because we’re a research-driven company at heart. Either way, Vennli is full of book lovers. If a new book comes out related to our passions (business growth, decision-making, customer and market insights, and data analytics or visualization to name a few), we gobble it up.

If you’re feeling the mid-summer slump and need a little boost of inspiration, here are our top picks of new releases for your reading list. Grab a good book, brew, and enjoy the weather. Cheers! Read More →

8 Challenges for Retail Banking and What to Do Next

The entire financial services industry is undergoing drastic changes. New technology, increased regulation, and expansion of digital channels have come together to create a really interesting time for retail banks.

You know this already. Read More →

Shhh! Don’t Tell Our Customers We Have Competitors!

“I’m not sure about naming competitors in our customer survey. Isn’t it risky to name potential replacements for our products?”

This question has come up from not just one but multiple customers over the past year. At first, I was somewhat surprised and thought it may be a unique aspect of certain industries. But the more it came up, the more apparent it became that this was a fairly widespread concern. Read More →

The Evolution of Data in Marketing & What’s Next

When I started as a brand manager at Kraft Foods, our focus was on driving consumption and shipments to retailers. We did this through increased advertising and effective in-store promotions.

We used data to drive decisions. We were focused.

Our scorecard was (and maybe still is) the weekly retail scanner data that informed us of how successful our programs were in the market. Religiously, every week, we looked at the consumption and shipment metrics. We monitored our advertising campaigns with the same rigor. How was TV performing compared to print or in-store? Was the mom-centric campaign outperforming the kid-centric campaign?

This was over a decade ago. Using data in marketing is not a new way of operating. Read More →

A Manifesto for Better Strategic Planning

Hear that? That was the nation collectively sighing as they received their email invitation to their next strategic planning retreat.

Somehow the year is halfway over already and we’re, yet again, pointing our thoughts to the next year. Read More →