Does Growing A Company Organically Minimize Growing Pains?


Joel Spolsky states that the four pillars of organic growth are revenue, head count, PR, and quality. When you choose to grow organically instead of take on outside investors, things tend to move slowly and the four pillars tend to grow at the same pace. Unless you raise outside cash, you can’t hire or advertise any faster than your sales will support.

Spolsky states that taking a slower approach minimizes the growing pains that faster growing companies may experience. For example, when revenue grows faster than hiring can, existing staff become overworked and customer service lags. If PR grows faster than the quality of your product resulting in an overhyped initial version, prospects will be permanently convinced that your product is inadequate, even if you later improve your product. Sometimes growing more slowly makes your business easier to manage and customers more likely to be pleased. What do you think?

Your Business Involves More Than Just Your Strategy

Business Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but even the most important meal can be diminished if it consistently involves McGriddles and hash browns (no matter how delicious they may be). Just like breakfast, any business can be stifled when emphasizing just one particular portion. As of late, many businesses have moved towards the philosophy that great culture and teamwork will overpower a strategy-centric business. But, just as pancakes need syrup, culture needs strategy. When the two walk hand-in-hand, companies have a better chance at conquering the day, and more importantly, the market.

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Beauty Results From The Purity Of Function

Airplane Seats

We are passionate about design. From the usability of our software and the vibrance of our logo to the layout of our new office, everything we create is conceived from the idea that form follows function. We research, brainstorm, vet, and test everything we create to ensure it meets not only our own, but our customer’s needs and standards. It is ingrained in our values and our brand.

At Vennli, beauty results from the purity of function.

So, we love when we come across gems like this: “Flying sucks. Design-driven companies such as Uber and Airbnb have reimagined how we get to airports, and where we stay when we exit them. Yet, for the most part, the airline companies themselves still feel woefully out of touch.” In this article, titled Designers Tackle The 7 Great Miseries Of Flying, major design firms examine the flaws of an antiquated airline industry and what they would do to change it.


Do You Know How To Develop A Growth Strategy?

Growth Strategy Cats

Most small business start small and stay there, but it doesn’t have to be that way, says Darren Dahl. He summarizes an interview with Keith McFarland, author of The Breakthrough Company.

Small businesses have the option to select growth strategies that are lower risk and probably slower to produce results or higher risk but may show results more quickly. Intensive growth strategies include market penetration, market development, alternative channels, new product development, and new products for new customers (breakthrough product development). Integrative growth strategies involving acquisitions involve more risk.

Perhaps even more important than the type of strategy selected is the speed of implementation. Many companies take so long to develop and implement strategies, that by the time they do, the market has changed on them. Would you rather just survive or thrive in this fast-paced business world?




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