The Unhealthy Data Diet Killing Your Brand’s Health

We recently interviewed 15 impressive brand leaders at a range of companies, including some of the largest in the world. One major finding was pretty startling: brand managers are not happy with their unhealthy data diets.

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Small Data, Big Impact

Ten years ago, the average storage cost per gigabyte of data was $1.24.

Now, it’s just under $0.03.

Data has never been easier or cheaper to collect and store… but that mean businesses are making better decisions because of it?

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Changes In Car Buying Means Changes For Car Dealerships

Gone are the days of the expansive car lots with knowledgeable sales people and uninformed customers. Consumers are now able to conduct comprehensive online research before they ever arrive at a dealership, with 1 in 6 skipping a test drive all together and choosing to purchase their car completely online instead.

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21 Quotes To Inspire Your Adventures In Analytics

At its core, analytics is simply the science of mining data to come to conclusions, but it’s never as simple as it sounds. Today’s market leaders are using advanced analytics as a core competitive advantage, allowing them to agilely respond to market changes and win their customers’ choice. These are some of our favorite inspirational quotes for you insights and analytics professionals out there blazing the trail.

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How To Use Customer Demographics To Segment Markets (Spoiler Alert: Don’t!)

Effective marketers aim for “the right product, price, and message for the right customer at the right time.” Today, technology makes it possible for us to customize and distribute our offerings and messages to very specific, targeted audiences.

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