Demographic Segmentation Can Cover Up Real Customer Differences: A Case Study

The goal of market segmentation is to identify groups of customers who differ in their needs and responses to marketing efforts. This allows businesses to target their strategies to increase effectiveness.

Often, demographic variables are used to segment customers. While demographics describe consumers and business customers, they often offer little insight into those customers’ needs, the benefits they seek, or the true drivers of their purchase decisions. Read More →

A Different Spin on Using Blue Ocean Strategy to Identify Market Opportunities

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Going head-to-head with competitors can be brutal. You find yourself constantly having to react to what your competition is doing, which is not only exhausting but can stifle innovation. Read More →

The Student Choice: How do Ivy League, Private, Public, and Community Colleges Stack Up?

College enrollment is competitive. Many institutions are experiencing flat or decreased student enrollment. At the same time, their debt is increasing.

With increasing tuition rates, part-time options, specialized programs, and online universities, the choice of what to do after high school graduation has only gotten more complex. Students have options. Read More →

Common Sense Isn’t Always Common Sense

I was recently introduced to a marketing consultant by a mutual connection. To follow-up on his questions about Vennli, I sent him an email which included a link to a case study Read More →

Finding Your “Why” to Drive Personal and Business Growth

Every day at Vennli, I’m reminded that a growing company requires passionate, driven employees. We are successful because each member of our team applies their talents fully to our mission. They’re engaged in the work that we do. Read More →