Less Than 60 Percent of Medical Device Brands Meet Healthcare Professionals’ Patient Outcome Expectations

Survey from Vennli identifies key differentiating attributes in medical device marketing

SOUTH BEND, Ind., October 12, 2017Vennli, the leading voice of the marketplace solution, today announces the results of a recent survey, “Differentiating to Win in Medical Device Marketing.” Combining and evaluating survey results from over 9,000 healthcare professionals, the data identified key drivers for purchasing medical devices according to physicians, dentists, and other clinicians, including the most and least important attributes, differentiating factors, points of parity (little perceived differences) and unmet needs.

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How to Develop Products that Delight Customers

A client of mine recently asked their customers a single question. They provided a long list of features, and asked, “For this product, which of these features do you most prefer?”

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Small Data, Big Impact

Ten years ago, the average storage cost per gigabyte of data was $1.24.

Now, it’s just under $0.03.

Data has never been easier or cheaper to collect and store… but that mean businesses are making better decisions because of it?

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Adapting Sales Tactics for New Manufacturing Procurement Contacts

Leading salespeople understand the importance of building and maintaining excellent customer relationships–but how do you keep the sale when your manufacturing procurement contact has retired or moved onto another company? To keep your customer, you will need to pay close attention to who they are, then tailor your communication style or your messages to cultivate the new customer relationship. Here are a few tactics that will help you keep the sale. Read More →

Watch Out for These 4 Manufacturing Trends in 2017

It is no secret that recently the manufacturing industry has been changing. The natural rise of technology and evolution of the economy has resulted in a shift in the manufacturing industry: foreign trade is at historically low levels and changing governments have caused concern to the future of the manufacturing industry. Read More →