Smart phones. They’re essentially handheld computers with a wireless plan. Gadget enthusiasts are constantly debating which one is preferable. If you’re in the market for a smart phone, chances are you’re choosing between two archrivals: Apple and Samsung.

These two companies own a combined 2/3 of the market. While Samsung has led in worldwide sales, Apple’s iPhone manages to top Samsung within the US. While Apple started out as the dominant player, the tables have turned and, in many ways, it’s Apple’s turn to play catch up.

In a battle to the death based on features and benefits, it’s likely that it would be a draw – both have a lot to offer… but ties are boring. If we have to declare a winner, it comes down to which aspects matter most to customers. And that’s exactly what Vennli is all about – making strategic decisions based on customer needs. That’s how businesses grow.

We conducted a customer research study to understand how smart phone customers make their purchasing decisions. Did they get it right?