Shhh! Don’t Tell Our Customers We Have Competitors!

“I’m not sure about naming competitors in our customer survey. Isn’t it risky to name potential replacements for our products?”

This question has come up from not just one but multiple customers over the past year. At first, I was somewhat surprised and thought it may be a unique aspect of certain industries. But the more it came up, the more apparent it became that this was a fairly widespread concern. Read More →

Customer Love Is Not Unconditional – You Have To Hustle

Everyone yearns for customer love. However, in business, getting customer love may be easier than keeping it.

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Keeping Your Market All to Yourself

I frequently hear my clients say, “Our market is becoming commoditized.” They see the products in their market becoming similar, more competitors jumping in, prices falling, and profits eroding.

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One of These Things is Not Like the Other: 3 Steps to Recognizing Your Competition

As a kid, I loved Sesame Street – especially a game called, “One of these things.” The audience was invited to identify which of the objects in the set of four that was “not like the others.” Sometimes the objects were shapes; other times they were children doing different activities. Either way, the goal was the same— determine which were similar and the one that was different.

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Do You Know Your Competition? The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That!

Who are your competitors? It’s not as simple as it sounds. How you answer the question can be the difference between a successful or a failed growth strategy.

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