Vennli for Agencies

Win More New Business Pitches with the Voice of the Consumer

  • Increase your new business win rate by differentiating your pitch
  • Rapidly uncover new insights with Vennli’s 3-day insight turnaround*
  • Understand what matters most to your prospect’s consumers by uncovering hidden insights about the drivers of consumer choice
  • Visualize the competitive landscape from the consumer’s point of view


*timing can be longer based on audience characterization parameters.

Smarter, Faster Insights

With Vennli’s powerful software platform, your agency team can quickly segment the market, understand the voice of the consumer and visualize competitive opportunities for your new business pitches. By gathering real-time insights about what is most important to consumers, Vennli lets you visualize these new insights and drive unique creative pitches to increase your new business win rate.


Case Study

Augustus Advisors

Augustus Advisors uncovered the drivers of choice to help grow their client’s businesses.

Learn how this team was able to secure eight new client engagements in eight months. By using Vennli’s software platform to quickly access choice insights for their prospects, Augustus Advisors was able improve their new client effectiveness. They were able to quickly and easily make strategic recommendations to clients, which allowed them to focus their marketing efforts. Additionally, Augustus Advisor’s clients were able to use Vennli to improve their own growth strategies.

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